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looper n : small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments; mostly larvae of moths of the family Geometridae [syn: measuring worm, inchworm]

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  1. An instrument or tool, as a bodkin, for forming a loop in yarn or cord, etc.
  2. An inchworm or measuring worm

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Looper are a Scottish indie-pop band, fronted by Stuart David, former Belle and Sebastian bassist.
The band formed in 1998 for a show at the Glasgow School of Art, and released their first single "Impossible Things" on the Subpop label a few months later.
Originally comprising of Stuart and his wife Karn (who was mainly responsible for visual elements in the live shows, such as videos projections, super 8 films, kinetic sculptures and photographic projections), they soon became a fully fledged band, adding Ronnie Black (guitarist) and Scott Twynholm (keyboards) to their line up.
Their first full length album Up a Tree (1999) was released on Subpop in the US and Jeepster in the rest of the world, and was followed by The Geometrid in 2000, on the same labels. After touring the US for three months with The Flaming Lips in 2000 they signed to Mute Records for five albums. They recorded and released one, The Snare, and then walked away from Mute; shocked by the conservative approach of the once cutting-edge label, which sold itself to EMI during Looper's tenure.
Since then, Looper have been releasing their music free to the public at their Looperama website, funding this experiment by licensing the use of their songs in high-profile Hollywood films and ad campaigns, including the film Vanilla Sky, and the current Xerox campaign.
Other films their songs have appeared in include The Edukators, The Girl Next Door, Out Cold, and Dog Park.
Their most famous song is probably "Mondo '77", this song is featured in the film Vanilla Sky along with the track "My Robot". These two songs are also featured in the Xbox game Project Gotham Racing. Both of these tracks were taken from Looper's second album The Geometrid, and "Mondo '77" appeared on the "Vanilla Sky OST". "Mondo '77" also appears on the American Dad episode "All About Steve". It has also been featured in American television commercials for Xerox and Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The song "Burning Flies", from the album Up a Tree, is part of the soundtrack to the Mission Hill episode "Stories of Hope and Forgiveness".


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